University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Theology

The University of Ljubljana is the central and largest educational institution in Slovenia. It is also the central and largest research institution in Slovenia with 30 percent of all registered researchers.  The University of Ljubljana has so far participated in the following programmes: 6th Framework Programme (over 100 projects), Programme Tempus 2004–2008 (over 30 projects), 7th Framework Programme (over 100 projects), H2020, Erasmus+ etc. The belonging Faculty of Theology has its roots in medieval monastic and cathedral schools and holds a prominent position among the oldest university institutions. It is also one of the five founding faculties of the University of Ljubljana. Participating researchers from the faculty have in the past participated in several EU projects and activities. Faculty of Theology has gained extensive experience in the field of ethics and values education (program Ethics and religious education, national school curriculum participation) and has leading researchers in ethics and pedagogic are working closely together in order to combine the recent development in the field of ethics (stress in notions of common humanity, dialogue, emphatic society, etc.) with the integrative and relational pedagogic that stresses the role of experience and relationships.

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