You are currently viewing BEAGLE 3rd Transnational Meeting held in Ljubljana, Slovenia

BEAGLE 3rd Transnational Meeting held in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Third transnational meeting between all the BEAGLE project partners was held on 10 and 11 October 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Meeting gathered partners from Croatia (Marija Kragić, Antonio Kovačević – Petit Philosophy, and Duje Jerković – Centre for Integrative Bioethics), Slovenia (Mateja Centa, Vojko Strahovnik – Faculty of Theology), Greece (Myrto Papaioannou– InternetNow!) and Italy (Pier Giacomo Sola,  Maddalena Nicoletti – STePS) in the old halls of Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana.

Currently, as various activities concerning the development of BEAGLE learning materials are taking place, partners used the meeting as an opportunity to discuss prepared educational drafts, fine tune them, and agree on the final outcomes of project package titled IO2 Development of learning materials. Soon, you will be able to find produced materials published on our page, in our Resource Centre.

With major focus placed on the overview of the activities already carried out and discussion about O2, partners spent part of their time together setting up necessary tasks for the realization of the next step of the project as well. This next development phase is IO3 – School curriculum for Bioethical education. Here, partners will prepare curriculum for primary and high school teachers regarding learning about bioethics and critical thinking approach, with a specialized preparatory review of the current provision for 6-18 teachers, regarding learning about bioethics, values education and critical thinking.

Of course, to keep the project running smoothly, partners discussed various administrative tasks and project management, with important review of project’s dissemination activities. As stressed in the meeting, BEAGLE project so far reached all the intended target groups, from EU to local level. Project partners were involved in numerous scientific events and took opportunity to promote and to discuss the project. Our BEAGLE so far visited, for example, “2nd Osijek Days of Bioethics” (Osijek, Croatia), 1st Days of Cultural Animalistic »Animal and Culture« (Split, Croatia), “2nd Days of Bioethics” (Ohrid, Macedonia) The 2nd Montenegrin Philosophy Cafe (Podgorica, Montenegro), 9th Nordic conference of philosophical practice (Helsinki, Finland) and lecture “Erasmus Plus KA2 projects connected with ethical education“ (Banska Bistrica, Slovakia). Not only that, but our BEAGLE has appeared in one scientific article (published in „Methodical Review: journal of philosophy of education“, Vol. 25 No. 2, 2018.), on two television channels (RTCG TV show from Montenegro and Mreža TV show from Croatia), numerous local and national newspapers, and one radio show (Real FM 97.8, Greece).

As you can see, our BEAGLE has been very busy, travelling, promoting our works, preparing numerous materials, and most importantly, underlying the importance of bioethics and critical thinking! 🙂

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