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BEAGLE Teacher Guidelines Published

We are proud to present our “Teacher Guidelines in Early Bioethical Education”! They will provide a short instruction to the teachers involved in early education (6-14 years) on the idea, goals and condition of bioethical education in Croatia, Greece, Italy and Slovenia, as a part of the international project BEAGLE: Bioethical Education and Attitude Guidance for Living Environment (Erasmus+). Bearing in mind the urgency of ecological problems, as well as difficulties in establishing a healthier relationship with nature and non-human living beings, BEAGLE aims to contribute in inducing bioethical sensitivity, but also aims to provide specific guidance for teachers to include some bioethical issues in early education. By doing so, project BEAGLE also relies on the results of some earlier attempts, primarily related to the conceptualization of ethical education. One of these results is the concept of ethical and values education, which is specially presented here.

The booklet also provides a brief introduction to the very idea of bioethics, briefly referring to its historical development, the specific problems it deals with, and the methodology it uses to approach these problems. In parallel with the development of the concept of bioethics, the concept of bioethical education has developed as well, which, together with the various approaches and methods, is presented below. There are, of course, various strategies of bioethical education developed in the European Union, whose outline precedes an overview of the state of art on early bioethical education in countries from which project partners come.

You can view and freely download our Teacher Guidelines by clicking directly here, or you can find it in our documents here.

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